Thursday, May 17, 2012

Zion National Park- What's not to love???

My family took a trip to Zion National Park last week- oh what fun it was! Unfortunately, Jimmy had to work last minute, that boy. But it gives us a good excuse to go back! While we were there...

We hiked everyday!

The Emerald Pools

Weeping Rock

Can't you just tell how sleep deprived we are?

And of course, Angel's Landing

It was right about here, when I was eating my little homemade granola bars, I hear my sister say "Kailie! Theres a chipmunk on your shirt! Its holding onto your shirt!" Haha, true story, little buggars knew how to get food. Of course, I gave in and "dropped" some food for them just so I could watch their teensy tiny hands hold the raisins and stuff their fat cheeks.

Almost to the top of Angel's Landing. Man I am SO out of shape! What a strenuous hike this was. This is the home stretch, you see that steep and narrow rock in front of me? We climbed up and down that to get to the top.

And of course its so pretty there!

Have any of you guys been to Zions? What was your favorite part?

All in all it was a fabulous trip! Well, minus the crazy winds every night, all night. Everyone else was concerned about the tents blowing over in the middle of the night, but for some reason I kept waking up thinking it was Big Foot shaking my tent. I blame that one on that one show "Supernatural"

*Thanks to my dad for letting me borrow a good chunk of these photos- camera phones are so fancy now days!*


  1. Wow, so beautiful! I've been there but a long time ago and I don't remember much about it, except that it was orangy-reddish. I'd love to go again though!

  2. What cool pictures! It looks like you had a fun trip! I really want to go there this summer! Did you make that head band you were wearing?

  3. I have only ever been to Kolob Canyon. That was beautiful too, but someday I want to go to this area. I'd love it!


Thank you for your kind words!