Sunday, July 22, 2012

this might be too deep for you...

The last thing I want this post to sound like is whiny. And its all jumbled up. But its just what's been on my mind. So here ya go....

I somehow manage to get "those" plates of baked goods delivered to me a lot. Its just one of the joys of living in a neighborhood with nice moms who love to bake. Again and again I find myself accepting batches of coconut macaroons, cookies, sweet munchies, etc. Its always so nice of the other women to think of sharing some with me. Tickles me pink. Today in church I was talking to one of the sisters' in the ward about yummy food. I had mentioned that I was craving cinnamon rolls without really thinking it through. I was delivered 2 cinnamon rolls later today. This sweet sister didn't know how much that meant to me. It lifted my spirits. Just one of those things that I really "needed."

This week I had been kind of down. Just one of those weeks ya know? Little things here and there. I had 3 of the 4 corners of my mouth numb due to cavities (how do they STILL get in there???), I felt sick and had a cold and sore throat, our curious little rabbit got out of his cage, made his way to the neighbors' yard, ate something that made him sick, then got attacked by the dog. We woke up one morning with a disgusting smell throughout our whole house. We figured it was a dead mouse somewhere so we pulled everything out of the cupboards in hopes to find the mouse. Fast forward to that evening. mice nests and a mouse fiesta inside the fridge and dishwasher. And the nest caused the fan to stop working in the fridge. We ended up ripping appliances out of the walls. The house smelled so bad, I felt sick to my stomach, my face was numb, I had a sick and injured rabbit, and I was inhaling as much fresh air outside as I could- it was all I could do to keep myself together.

Our neighbors were yet again so sweet to us. Running over to help with the plumbing and disconnecting appliances, digging out the yucky nests, bringing over their tools, and offering up their fridges and dishwashers for us to use. Amazing. Count your blessings, darling.

After washing my house with bleach, multiple air fresheners in use, open windows, and eliminating the yucky problem, our house is smelling dandy and...clean. 

I don't even know where I was going with this post. It seems a bit silly to me to write something like this one here. I promise I don't mean to sound like a Debby Downer. But I still felt like I should write this.

My point is- This week more than anything, I've learned that you need to be in tune with those you are around. Like the sweet sister who brought me a nice treat today. I didn't even mention anything about my week, yet she knew I could use the thoughtful handmade gift. And our neighbors who endured that disgusting smell just to help us out, or loaned us their tools knowing they probably would get ruined in the process, or offering up their own appliances so we could still have food to eat.

So I just wanted to say Thank You. Thank You to everyone who has ever been kind to us. I receive so much positive feedback on this blog daily. But I never get tired or think less of your support and kind comments. Every one of them makes my day.  

And my one goal for the week is to be more aware of other people's needs. And no more mice or injured rabbits, that's a good goal. :)


  1. It's amazing to me how the Lord uses other people to answer our prayers and bless us! its such an incredible gift! thank goodnes for kind people!
    i hope your little rabbit is doing better! and i HATE mice....they are so ridiculous!


  2. I'm so sorry about your rabbit!! That cinnamon roll looks delicious...and what a sweet note :). It's amazing how the smallest acts of kindness can totally brighten your day.

  3. Awww, I'm sorry your week was filled with unfortunate happenings. How are you feeling now? I hope you're doing better. I hope the rabbit is doing better too. We've never had a problem with mice but we've dealt some with ants, earwigs and termites. No fun. I can't imagine mice nests. *Shudder*

    Please let me know when you guys need help with something. We would totally help out! We love you, sis!


Thank you for your kind words!