Thursday, September 6, 2012


Getting our fancy on. Most of my family and my grandpa at a family wedding.
I've fallen out of the whole blogging world lately. I was just going on so many fun little adventures I kind of just stopped. But then I look back at my summer and see that I never recorded anything! Boo-hoo. So here's to getting in bloggy shape!
I'm a rambly kind of girl. Mr. Hubs could tell you that. And I only write a teensy bit on this blog because I'm sure nobody wants to sit around and listen to my ramblings. BUT. Then I realized that this is kind of what blogging is- creating your own space and making it what you want. Sometimes I think we follow what other people are posting. We follow those blogging "trends" that the big guys set. Well, we all know how good I am at keeping up with the latest trends (HA!) so I figured if I bust out in ramlbes, so be it.
Now why did I even tell you that?
I guess what I'm trying to say, is that I don't have any snazzy outfits to show ya'll. Or cute kids to brag about. I don't even have daily crafts or delicious recipes to share. Someday I would love to get to that point. At least something of the sorts. But for now I am enjoying my reality. This consists of my sweet Mr. Hubs, a simple lifestyle, and my daily rambles.


  1. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your rambles! They're so fun to read and I always look forward to reading your posts, no matter what they contain!

  2. Kailie, I am right there with you, again. We must really think alike. Although I have cute little ones to "brag about", I don't like that kind of blogging. (it works for some but it gets old for me, blogging just about them was never my fav. way of blogging, especially on a public blog). I like the rambling kind of posts the best. There you go. I find that when I sit down and organize my thoughts to write about things that have been on my mind (even when I know I might regret my writing and feel silly for expressing myself too bluntly) I grow somehow. And growth is good.

    And enough with my rambling.
    many hugs to you and your Mr. Hubs!


Thank you for your kind words!