Friday, August 24, 2012

because we could all use a little inspiration

I finally read the book "Heaven is Here" by Stephanie Neilson, writer of NieNie Dialogues.
Wow. What an inspirational, tear jerking book. I giggled at parts, and choked on my tears at others.
After I finished the book, I couldn't stop thinking about it. And I just kept thinking about how much I take for granted everyday. Have I ever paused to realize how nice it is to not spill blood on the floor when I step in the shower, because the skin on my knees actually stretches? Or that I've never had to experience what its like to have my eyes sewn shut? Or that even though I really dislike it, my body is capable of running? Even the simple day to day tasks that include fine motor skills often get looked over.
This book has opened my eyes. It has made me more grateful. My small trials seem even smaller now. I've been even happier lately. And I've challenged myself.
1- Exersice. Get in shape. Take better care of my body. It deserves it. Become stronger. Become faster. Be able to keep going.  Push myself just because I can.
2- Focus on five good things that happened that day every night. Be positive. Write down what I'm grateful for. Don't overlook the little blessings.
If you are looking for some good in your life, read it. Buy it, borrow it from a friend, or check it out from the library. I guarantee you won't regret this one.


  1. this is my absolute favorite book! so well written!

  2. I've heard this book is amazing. Since I know Stephanie from high school and our ward from 9 years ago, I tend to think this would be pretty tear-jerking for me too.


Thank you for your kind words!