Thursday, September 13, 2012

this man, oh my!

Yesterday at work I was talking to one of my coworkers. He's a fun guy from Mexico and still in high school. He had just gotten out of a relationship and was telling me about how they would always fight and they both love to be right so it simply couldn't work out. Which can be hard for me to believe because he is such a nice guy. He later got to asking me about my husband and our marriage. Convo went like this:
 Him: "Is your husband the jealous type?"
Me: "Nah, I can get way more jealous than him. He's pretty chill."
Him: "Well he probably trusts you then, huh?"
Me: "I would hope so! There's not really a reason to not trust each other."
Him a few minutes later: "Does your husband get mad easily?"
Me: "Haha, Nooooooo. He's the most patient person I've ever met."
Him: "Well all guys get mad. So he has to get mad."
Me: "Not really. I've never seen I'm flip out. He's really just chill."
Him: " talk like an old white lady."


  1. Just wait till you have kids. I never once saw Aaron get angry till we had kids.
    It's good to trust each other, makes life much more simple.


Thank you for your kind words!