Friday, September 21, 2012

um, excuse me, but has anyone ever told you you look like....

Lucy Hale?
That one girl from that one show?
"Yeah...I get that a lot..."
For the past two years I have gotten comments like this from random people. Complete strangers, coworkers, friends. And it seems that the more popular the show gets, the more people seem to comment. I've never seen "Pretty Little Liars" myself, but apparently a lot of people have. Haha. Dug up a picture from over the summer and a picture of this Aria girl. Celebrity look a like- yay or nay?
Oh, and I've been updating my wardrobe. Trying hard to let go of stuff I didn't touch this summer and treat myself to a few new pieces, thrifted of course. I'll be busy this weekend tearing out shoulder pads, stitching, changing sleeves, and washing. I  was trying to explain to Mr. Hubs last night why I have so much fun thrifting. 
"It's like a treasure hunt babe! Trying to find things that have some potential, fixing them up, and getting a really great deal!"
"....Uh-huh...." Was his response
"Are you already falling asleep??? Are you sleepy already? Huh babe?" 
"OK, well, goodnight! Love you!"
Sometimes I'm a pest, sometimes he's a pest. Like when I'm not even fully awake and he's already tickling my feet. We are so perfect for each other.
 I went to Kohl's today to grab some nice pants for Mr. Hubs. Of course I found myself in the ladies' department way before the mens'.  This little gem just kept getting marked down and marked down. I bought it at $4.26, almost 100% off.
$4.26 for a smancy watch, and 11 bucks for a pair of nice work pants for the hubs, (4 stores later and I finally find exactly what we needed, thank you Kohl's) the shopping fairy and I are good friends.
Have a great weekend my friends! TGIF! Any fun plans?


  1. You DO look like Aria! And she's gorgeous (as are you), so it's definitely a good thing :). I bought a watch on sale on Kohls today too!! Mine wasn't marked down as much as yours, but I still got a great deal :)

  2. Love that watch! And what a steal of a deal :)

  3. You totally need to watch Pretty Little Liars. It's the best show! & You do look like her! It's definitely a compliment!

  4. You do look like that gal but you're much prettier. That's a great watch! What a steal on the pants too. :) I love thrifting.


Thank you for your kind words!