Sunday, December 30, 2012

just an overload for my own recapping pleasures




Apparently "overload" is an understatement around here. Lately I have been trying to think of any major things that happened this past year. But in reality I just could not pin any spectacular "milestones" down. Last year was crazy- newly weds, new house, all that jazz. This is year has been nothing like I imagined. None of my little "plans" actually planned out the way I wanted them to. I have had to learn more patience and to rely on my Heavenly Father and my own testimony more than I ever had to. I have learned more about what becoming a woman means, my love for my family has grown immensely, I can say I've earned my title "Clean Freak" (Nobody saw that one coming!) and I have learned my way around a kitchen.
As I scanned through my old photos from throughout the year, I couldn't help but smile (and click "upload upload upload!") at all of the fun adventures Mr. Hubs and I were able to have.
You can probably tell we love anything outdoors.
And camping wherever possible- even the living room? YES!
We attempted to start our own family with a pair of bunnies. Totally impulse. It was a holiday, we were both home, and the hubs said, "I want a bunny, lets go get some bunnies." Of course I couldn't turn that one down! (Bravo, Hubs) One pet store later and we had us some baby bunnies.
 Basil Stag Hare and Princess Poppy. We later found out Princess Poppy wasn't a girl.
 But Princess Poppy still goes by his birth  name.
 We probably should have planned that one out better.
 Jimmy was able to start his own garden. He did a fantastic job! All credit goes to him, not me. I wasn't even allowed near it because apparently my thumb is not so green. But Jimmy reassures me that I'm going to have to learn because he won't have any time this summer. (Yay for big boy jobs!)
I love that man. So much. Its so weird how your love for somebody just keeps growing and growing everyday. You think at one point it wouldn't be able to grow anymore but then Cupid laughs in your face and shoots more arrows your way. Its really quite nice.

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  1. Real life, eh? I love the pictures and your words of wisdom! :) Love you tons, sis, and I'm so glad we're family! It wouldn't be the same without you in my life. You make my life fuller and better! :)


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