Wednesday, December 26, 2012

back to reality...already?!

"Help! We ate too much and can't get up!"
Christmas has already come and gone. Boo-hoo. December was actually kind of a stressful month for us. Both of us were working so much. So we didn't really get into the holiday spirit until this week. But when we left work behind us, oh what fun we had! Last year our Christmas was a little different because I was in Mexico until Christmas Eve night, and because we had just bought a house and needed all new appliances, we just counted those to be our gifts. And I'm grateful we were able to do that, I sure do love my hot showers and working oven. ;)
So this year we decided to have a traditional Christmas, with stockings and gifts under the tree. And lots of family time centered around good food. And to focus on Christ more. It really was so nice. Jimmy and I were up opening presents at 7:30 AM. I know, we are like little kids. But it made for some good memories! We then Spent the rest of the day between both sides of our families.
I got so many fun kitchen toys! I am trying to be a lot healthier so I'm looking forward to putting my new lady tools to work. Jimmy has been in LEGO heaven. I woke up this morning to find all of his new sets already built and on display on the living room floor.

All of these gifts are so useful and fun, but I'd have to say that my favorite gifts are that I get to spend eternity with my family, the gospel, our warm house, and our jobs.

Merry be-lated Christmas, Everyone! And a Happy New Year! :)

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  1. You too, dear sister! I'm glad you guys had a low-key Christmas day!!! It was great spending time with you both (and tickling your feet). ;) We love you both so much and I'm so glad we live so close to each other! Have fun with your lady tools! That's AWESOME!!!


Thank you for your kind words!