Sunday, February 3, 2013


I like to think I'm a simply gal. A clean house, good food, and a cuddly husband will usually satisfy my needs. But lately I've been thinking a lot about the simplicity of my life. It sure doesn't feel simple when my schedule is constantly packed. I get so busy and then my mind is running at a billion miles per second, checking off the mental to do lists, creating new ones, and so on. Then at the end of the day I wonder why I'm exhausted and clock into my sweet dreams from 10-7:30. (Yes I really do sleep between 9-10 hours a night. Girls gotta do what she's gotta do.)
While I had a lot of down time on my little trip last week, I had the marvelous break to reflect on the simple things I keep looking over. And when I let myself, I now wander back to them. I've made it a small goal to spend a few minutes everyday to count a few more blessings, and pick out what made me happy that day.
Like how I've been volunteering at a preschool. Hearing those sweet babes call me "Miss Kailie."
"Miss Kailie, would you like to read me a story?" How can you say no to that? So darn it, we read and read, then I read to more kids as they line up with books of their own for me to read to them.
 And only making it half way in the door before a tiny hand slips into mine.
Or Saturday morning as I was trying to get out of bed but before I could, I feel Mr Hubs' arms grab me as he says in his sleepy voice, "Come snuggle with me." This routine has been going on for weeks now, we hardly ever get out of bed before 8- even on weekdays! What a great way to start the day :)
Last week Jimmy made me a chicken dinner. Completed with candlelights. Such a keeper.
I like how we tried to sing our opening hymn for FHE with just the two of us. Jimmy accidentally picked out one with some rather high notes in it. Singing was replaced with silent giggles many times. Finally the hubs wanted to move on without anymore hymns because he said, "I think we drove the spirit away." From now on we will have to sing with Mo-Tab. ;)
Oh, and by the way- Happy love month, friends! For those of you who have been blowing up Pinterest with pink heart shaped food and crafts- props to you ;) 


  1. We really are richly blessed with simple lives, aren't we? I think that's the best way to live. The hustle and bustle of a mad, crazy life doesn't appeal to me and although sometimes life feels that way, for me it always comes back to the basics: the gospel, my family, and things I love. :) Great post, Kailie. It's good to reflect now and again. Love you, sis!

  2. Loved that post! Thanks for the reminders. Cherish that sleep while it lasts, because once you have kids, you'll never get it back. ;)


Thank you for your kind words!