Monday, February 18, 2013

just shooting guns and stuff

'Lil Newbie Me. I feel like Classic Ralphie. Blessed I didn't shoot my eye out.

Hubs shooting clay pigeons. A perfect score of 9/9!
Don't tell Hubs, but he just looked so cute with his revolver strapped on while he was struttin' around his stuff. He loved every minute of it! 

My first target practice. 6/8 shots made the target stuck to the milk jug! I know I know, you're "supposed" to hit the tiny circle, don't burst my bubble. ;)

Shooting in pink of course!
This weekend I shot my first gun. There, I got it off my chest. My sister says, "How are we related?!" when I told her I had never shot a gun. Truth is they intimidate me and blah blah blah. Well the hubs decided it was time for me to learn so what do we do last minute on a bright and early Saturday morning? Shoot guns of course! My bro-in-law and some of his kids came with us too. We had a lot of fun and decided we would all go as a family for President's Day. Hub's family has done a lot of that stuff. They were all shooting the big guys while I just stuck with the Hub's little twenty-two for everybody's safety. I like that trusty thing. We plan on going more often and hopefully I'll get comfortable with other guns too in no time!


  1. It was a blast! I have a nice bruise from all the shot gun use today but the battle wounds are well worth the fun! :) You sure look adorable in those pink muffs! ;)

  2. That was fun!! Tell Jimmy thanks for setting it up. Maybe I can try the 22 pistol and rifle next time. The big guns were just too big for me. I enjoyed the BB guns.


Thank you for your kind words!