Sunday, March 31, 2013

a guide to making your hubby's dream come true

- Listen to said hubby talk about some new backpacking gear that is going on a major sale this week. Glance at hubby's phone to see what he is keeping his eye on- his birthday is coming up.
- Talk to hubby about the camping gear and what he previously said he wanted for his birthday last month. Said hubby may or may not change his mind about what he wants. Agree that hubby can change his mind.
- The next morning, ask hubby if he wants to drop by the camping store to check out the gear mentioned the day before. Of course hubby will want to go.
- Arrive at the camping store, watch hubby get excited about so many things. Follow hubby around the store and listen to him point out all of the fun toys.
- Look! They even have girly outdoor stuff. Casually make your way over to the fun colored backpacks and gear. Notice the turquoise backpack is even your size. As hubby is testing out his gear, start fiddling with the girly things.
- A little flicker of excitement comes over you. Suddenly you too can see yourself trekking through the beautiful mountains, sporting feminine and lighter weight gear, taking a billion photos, etc. Realize you may want to actually get some stuff for yourself- but only if it goes on sale, whew!
- Remember that you told hubby you needed a sleeping bag. It just so happens that there is a sale on one of the sleeping bags that day. Pull out the sleeping bag, admire it, love that its just your size for your 3 inch legs.
- Agree that you will use the sleeping bag a lot. Next thing you know your shoes are off and you are climbing into the sleeping bag. Hubby starts checking out every little thing of the bag. Hubby likes the sleeping bag, and so do you. Hubby sees that there are even some cool features in the head area. Specifically to keep you warm- which will solve all of your chilly problems.
- Suddenly hubby is packing you in tight and saying just how cute you are. He laughs, you want to see too, so hubby takes a photo. You see the photo and laugh really loud. You ignore the strange looks heading your way.
- Buy the sleeping bag and hubby's gift. Watch hubby play with the new toys later that day. Even though it's not his birthday yet (stinker, he won't let me take them) Mention how excited you are to break in your bag. And that you now want more fun gear.
The next day, the hubby will tell you that he told the men at his early morning church meeting that his dream came true: His wife is buying camping gear and plans to use it a lot.
Lets hope I have better luck camping this year. Last year we had some interesting adventures.  Feel free to read all about my misfortunes here. So ready for the season ;)



  1. This post made me smile! Made me think of my sister-in-law who has a boyfriend/fiance/husband-thing who thinks like yours.

  2. I love your face sticking out of the bag. It makes me laugh! You're so cute! Darryl is definitely in the camping mood too and since he's with the scouts, he'll be able to go with the young men and leaders soon. I think I'll wait another month or two to take the kids. We prefer being warmer.


Thank you for your kind words!