Friday, March 29, 2013

when pinterest fails you

I sure do love easy hair-doo's. I spend a total of two minutes (at the most) on my hair everyday. Curling it with my snazzy curling rod is my fastest style yet, minus my single braid I often do too. But even now that seems to be taking up too much of my morning. So lazy, I know.
 And on Pinterest,  I keep seeing all of these "No heat overnight curls tutorial, guaranteed to get you gorgeous giant beachy waves with no work!"
I've tried so many of them, with each failing me.
But this week, this week I thought I really had a chance at pulling one of the tutorials off.
I showered at night like I always do (again, it saves me time in the morning and I don't like the thought of getting into bed all gross)
Then I spent waaaaay too much time trying to figure out that dang rope braid thing.
Whoever can get that on their first time has pure talent.
I hopped into bed telling Jimmy that I already knew I looked like I belonged in the Brady Bunch.
I blame that on the braids coming down in front of my ears.
I slept all night long.
Then the next morning, excited to see my beautiful voluminous curls, I gently started taking out my rope braids.
And instantly, in that moment, I gasped.
Like my hair was dying to get out of the braid, it all just poofed out at once.
Like really poofed.
It almost looked like I had an afro.
An afro would have looked better on me.
No, it down right looked like I had a poodle laying on my head.
A giant fat poodle.
And I couldn't get it off.
I ran downstairs to the bathroom to try to fix my hair with anything I could find.
I thought water would work, but instead I run into Hubs, who took one look at me and said, "You look like Raggedy Anne!"
Of course this had to happen on the morning we are already rushing out the door.
So the only thing I could do was to braid it all back in one single, (non ropey!) traditional braid.
I was hoping this would solve my problems.
But I went from looking like I had a full on poodle over my head to looking like I had sprouted a poodle's tail over night.
Because at the very end of the tight, frizzy braid I had just wrestled with, was one giant, puffy, puff ball.
And that my friends, is how I went about my day.


  1. haha! i hate pinterest hair styles because none of them ever work for me!! also, i have the hardest time doing my hair in the first place, so i feel you!

  2. Hahaha! I've never tried any of my Pinterest hairdos that I've pinned (though I may try at some future point) so most of the time my hair is up in a bun or ponytail. I do love your hairdos though Kailie and think even with a poodle on your head you'd look adorable!


Thank you for your kind words!