Friday, March 8, 2013

because people have asked

This post is really long. There is just so much I have to say....
I feel like I've opened up a lot about my health. I used to never share with anyone about my battles with infertility. And my crazy wacko hormones. But I'm learning that the more I open up to others, I find networks of people who can relate to me in some way. And because (at least for now) I have decided to take a more natural approach to my situation, people start to get really curious. I have seen a lot of doctors, had a lot of consultations, I even had a consultation for in vitro. Not that we were really considering it, but I wanted to be informed and keep my options open anyways. Because my body can't quite get this whole hormone thing right (it all stated with insulin resistance), it most likely would not be able to carry an infant to full term, especially because of the lack of progesterone I create. And, high chances are, that if I were to carry an infant to full term, it would prob be low birth weight and very nutrient deficient. But I try to not worry about that right now. Today we are focusing on actually getting my body to have a complete menstrual cycle. And absorb the nutrients I feed it. Just one day at a time.
I do not tell you this stuff to make you pity me. I do not pity myself. In fact, there are times when I am grateful for this trial. I have learned so much about health the past few months. Sure it would be nice to have perfect health, but seeing as that didn't happen, I've learned to see the positive side of things.
So here is my plan. I've got to heal my gut. If I can heal my digestive system, rid my body of toxins, actually absorb the nutrients, and create a happy climate for my reproductive system, then I'll be able to have a healthy baby- without all of the meds. I'm not knocking out western medicine at all. Because I am still in the beginning stages of this, and am completely open and okay with getting some help from doctors if needed. And, I am seeing a doctor right now who tests all of my levels, and gives me guidance in a more natural approach.
I'm doing it mainly through the GAPS diet with some Paleo diet as well. Mostly a primal diet. Real food, not junk. No preservatives. No canned or boxed food, not that we used much of that stuff anyways. No refined sugars or carbs. No commercial animal products. No high starches or gluten.
I could go on and on about what I can't have, but I'd rather focus on what I can have. Haha.
Basically I have been eating a lot of veggies, REAL meat where the animals see the sun, aren't treated of antibiotics or hormones, and preferably ate a natural diet. The same goes for all other animal products. I eat fresh fruit, though I try to not go overboard, because its still sugar. I enjoy all kinds of nuts too.
I have to take it one day at a time or else I get overwhelmed. And when I am doing well, I feel great! My meals are pretty simple but yummy and I feel like I am finally starting to get the hang of it.
Some yummies I've been wanting to try...
I keep the majority of my recipes and ideas on Pinterest. Here are a few of my boards if you are looking to eat a little bit more healthy.
MMMM! I'm getting hungry looking at these pictures. I'll be documenting this journey and track my progress on here. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me and I'll try to answer them!
K seriously though, I'm now starving. Bye.


  1. you are amazing! i'm inspired, not only by your healthy choices, but your attitude! those recipes look yummy, i'll have to try some.

    also, so nice to meet you last week! as soon as you said your name was kailie, i was thinking "is she kailie from the breit side??!?" :) thanks for saying hi!

  2. So I just want to cheer you on because I have had a time in my life where I had to follow a specific diet when I was nursing Raylee bc of her stomach problems and it is NOT easy! This world we live in is not very accommodating to really healthy eating. I so hope you see the results you're wanting! Keep up the great work, God has a plan for you for sure.

  3. Your recipes look yummy, now you will have to share them. :)

  4. Kailie, this is great. Have you heard of the book "The China study?" I have learned a ton from that book. What you are doing is amazing and inspiring. Keep it up. I am starting a second round of the "lemon" cure (my first round was last fall). Freshly squeezed lemon juice 1 hour before you have breakfast. It kept me healthy and full of energy throughout the winter. Twice a year you drink 1 the first day, 2 the second day, three the third...up to 7 on the seventh day and then on the 8th day 7 again and then you go back to 6,5,4,3,2 and 1. It purifies you. I have an amazing book (in Italian) about the digestive system...everything starts from there, you are right. I have learned a TON in the past year about the digestive system and animal proteins.
    I am not preachy and I am very relaxed about this whole subject...I wish we lived closer again. I'd love to learn from you!!
    call me anytime. Going to Italy soon.

  5. I closed my blog because I hadn't updated it in ...forever. When I open it up again I'll let you know.

  6. one more thing...on the lemon "cure" you can do the long detox version (my mom did that did wonders to her but it is HARDER) three days 1 lemon 3 days 2 lemons and so forth up to seven and back. I add water to it, about the same amount of the freshly squeezed juice.


Thank you for your kind words!