Wednesday, March 6, 2013


I'm noticing a spring trend here. Buying baby animals. Last year we got our baby bunnies. And this year we got us some baby chickies! I told hubs that next year is a puppy. He quickly said, "No" and I quickly said, "Yes." Well see though, I think between our garden, bunnies, and chickens, our backyard is running out of space.

Meet the new babes of the fam fam. Mimi, Hiney, Bum-bum, and Stone Tallon. Can you guess which ones Jimmy named? Hint- the last two....
A few things we have learned so far....
-  These little girls don't really like to cuddle.
- They like hopping and climbing all over our hands though.
- And they are smart.
- Today one of them already climbed out of their box! Then ran away from me laughing (or so it looked like) while I chased after her and luckily caught her.
- Jimmy gets out of bed early to go peek on the sleeping babes. That's rare to get out of bed early, ya know.
-They can keep their water clean for about 2.2 seconds. What talent!
- We can't tell the gold ones apart very well. So its highly possible that we are calling them by the wrong names.
- We spend our free time, including our FHE, watching them and letting them peck our freckles.
- They dig little nests and take lots of naps in them- its so cute!
- When they sleep they bury their faces in the shavings.
- Speaking of sleeping- they play for a few minutes then have to go take naps. Little newborns.
- We talk like they are our babies.
- We act like they are our babies.
- Hubs tells me to be quiet when they are napping so I don't wake them up.
- I think we are going a little chicken crazy.



  1. Having baby chicks is so much fun! We'll be doing it every few years as our other chickens get older. We'll have to come over and see the babes!

  2. We've been laughing about one chick's name in particular since Saturday. I'm sure you can guess which one.

  3. So cute! Weird little Jimima, I don't know where he gets it from! ;) I am trying hard to get Michael to climb on the chicken wagon, although in the end I told him he might not have a choice. :)

  4. I think next years spring pet should be a duckling, because I have always wanted one!!! Your Chickie babes are too cute!


Thank you for your kind words!