Monday, March 25, 2013

our sidewalk isn't a danger zone anymore!

Good news.
 You can now walk by our house without getting smushed by the rickety old (hardly even a) fence we had!
We can assure you that you will not walk out to your car only to find it sandwiched between a broken fence and the pavement!
And when you come over for another backyard barbecue, strange men from the ward won't be able to peek through the missing slats to invade your privacy!
Because we built a new fence! Brand spankin new. Smells kinda good new.
Thanks to so many family and neighbors, we were able to get it all done in a day!
The hubs recruited a crew via the Internets:
Tired of wasting your Saturday's frolicking in fields, sleeping in late and playing video games? Have you ever wanted to engage in more manly (or womanly) Saturday activities like arm wrestling a sloth, howling with a howler monkey or building a fence? Well it's your lucky day! This Saturday Kailie and Jimmy will be replacing their old sissy fence with a brand new manly man fence. This will be an all day activity, if you can come, great! If you can't, YOU LOSE! Bring your own drill, shovel, post hole digger and gloves if you have them. This Saturday, be a man!

*For move information on this manly activity please reply to this email or call toll free*
That man, you just can't say no to him.

Next up: Get our yard in shape! Its come so far but there's still so much to do to get it looking the way we want it to.
Thanks again for all of the great help we had! We sure are lucky to have so many wonderful friends and family. :)


  1. It was really fun to help build it and although I am NOT a man, this woman had a great time! ;) It looks fabulous!

  2. Ugh this reminds me that I need to fork over the money and redo our fence.. Boo!


Thank you for your kind words!