Wednesday, March 27, 2013

little letters

Dear Spring, Please stay here for more than a week this time! You were so kind to us and gave us our much needed warm skin and "happy rays", but then you turned around and tricked us! No fair. So stay for sure this time, k?
Dear Comcast, we don't really like you. Your empty promises of rebates and over charging our bill then delivering channels that don't even work all of a sudden is a joke. Hubs has been on the phone with you guys for months trying to get our money back that you promised we would get. But instead we just get overcharged on our next bill and not so helpful customer service. Boo on you.
Dear Hair, today you are my friend. I woke up and looked at you in the mirror then quickly walked away in fear that I would give myself nightmares. But you stepped up for once and gave me some voluminous curls later. Extra crazy bead head for sought after curls minutes later? Its a trade off I can do with. The hubs, maybe not.
Dear Dizzy spells, why in the world have you been coming everyday for the past three days? I think its my new progesterone capsules that are inviting you, because 20 minutes after I take them, I get hit with a wave of dizziness that lasts for 2 hours. Not to mention you come when I am supposed to be heading off to work. But since there is no way I'm driving while dizzy, I've had to lay down and wait for your to pass.
Dear House, how do you like being clean? Do you even remember what that feels like, hmm? The hubs even commented on how nice you looked last night. If there's a real difference in how well you cleaned up, then I think that means I gotta get in my deep cleaning mode more often. Er, deep cleaning as in vacuum and tidy up.
Dear Peanut Butter Protein Bites, You. Are. So. Good. Luckily you are grain and sugar free. And so easy to make. I've kept you guys a secret for a week. You have a special hiding spot even the hubs doesn't know about, and when he's not looking, I grab one of you real quick. My sister, Jo, has already found you though, and she agrees you are so impossible to resist. Recipes here and here.

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  1. Kailie, I just love reading your posts! This one made me laugh! Those protein bites sound really good. Want to come clean my house? ;) I'm sorry you keep getting dizzy spells; one of my meds does that too and then I feel yucky for a while. My hair is my friend today too! Must be the spring air!


Thank you for your kind words!