Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Answered Prayers

I walked through the door after work and switched on the news right after it happened. Something I rarely even do. I watched the replay of the explosions and listened to runners share what shook their world. I saw a lot of brutally injured people with faces badly burned and legs needing amputations. I kept thinking about the past two shootings we just experienced as a nation as well. So many stresses and worries kept running through my head. How am I supposed to bring children into this world? How do I protect them from any of this harm?
I later answered my door as I heard the bell ring right before dinner. Members of a search party were on my door handing me a flier and asking if I had seen a young girl who went missing. I had not. And I was feeling very overwhelmed once again.
In the past I have dealt best with other's tragedy by pretending it never happened. I do not like living or watching others live in sadness. I am very sensitive to other's pain but try to push it away.
But yesterday I felt like I needed to be better. I learned to accept the hardships we may be facing and do what I can do. Later that night my husband and I prayed for the others. Their losses, hardships, and the world they're living in.
Today I have seen prayers being answered. That young girl had been found safe and as I watched the news this morning, I kept hearing runners tell stories of how others reached out to them. People were starting to see the good in each other as they pulled together.
I've realized that I won't be able to shelter my family from the dangers of the world once again. But as much as I hate to admit it, its okay. Because even though there is some pretty scary stuff out there, there is also a lot of good this world has to offer us.
I've made a goal today to always look for the best when it seems hardest to.

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  1. How very true. Satan cannot and will not win. I am like you and am very sensitive to others' pain but I tend to internalize it, making my life harder. I'm grateful the missing girl was found. I feel very sad for those who were involved in any way in Boston yesterday. What a tragedy. But hopefully those there will continue to pull together and uplift each other, especially those who lost loved ones.


Thank you for your kind words!