Friday, April 5, 2013

can't resist them four-legged babies

Today I played with the baby goats at my parent's house for a little bit. Lots of squeezing, petting, and rubbing ears were involved. One of the babies sucked on my finger any chance she could get, then would suck or chew all of my clothes till she figured out how to jump on my back when I was crouched down. Then she got serious and started to eat my hair. Just trimming the usual split ends, ya know? ;)
Its baby animal central over there. Chickies, lots of goats, and even some soon to be kittens! Just another reason why I looooove this season.
Happy Friday, everyone! Hope yours will be warmer than mine, gonna strap on my big girl pants and accompany the hubs on a little outdoor adventure this weekend. And then listen to some conference. So pumped!

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