Sunday, April 7, 2013

a 'lil camping getaway was a good idea

 We took a little over nighter camping trip to Big Springs this weekend. Just the hubs and I. I knew fully well that we were most likely going to be rained out on and and probably wake up frozen, but oddly enough, that weather wouldn't stop me this time. I wanted to get some fresh air! The hubs picked Big Springs because there are usually porta-pottys set up along the way (for me), but when we showed up there were none. Jimmy told me it was okay if I wasn't comfortable with the trip anymore. But oddly again, I told him we might as well just go since we had been planning on it all week.


And I'm so glad we stuck with it! It is SO beautiful this time of year. The weather turned out being warmer than we planned for, the rain had already passed, and nobody was around, except us and some deer.

I had prepared my first dehydrated backpacking meal. We started off pretty simple with a brown rice, broccoli, and meat dish. It was a success and I can't wait to test out a lot of other recipes.

I just wish the ground was better for sleeping on. Even with a good pad, my achy shoulders kept me up a lot of the night. I just about kissed my fluffy bed yesterday as I crawled into it. 

I actually had a really hard time with the majority of the hike up. I haven't worked any of the muscles needed in a long time and lost all of my stamina. Not that I had much to lose anyways. I kept having to stop and I just wanted to dump out all of the water I was lugging up. I was sweating and breathing so hard. But once we made it to camp, I was so proud of myself for not giving up! My buns- not so happy right now. ;)

I was very prepared for cold and wet weather. Almost too prepared. While packing, Hubs said to me, "FOUR pairs of pants?!" I just smiled and said, "Yep!" Obviously he was the one carrying my clothes.

P.S. Anybody else loving all of the conference messages spoken this weekend? Lots of good stuff!

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  1. The trip sounds like fun! We really can't wait until we can go camping (maybe over Memorial Day) and hiking this summer. :)


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