Saturday, November 23, 2013

just some of the few things happening from like a month ago until now

Whew! A month gone by and I haven't been on blogger, what a shame. I wish I could give you a good excuse that says we've been out traveling the world or something like that but in all honesty, we've been glamming it up So elaborate, I know. ;)
This is the busier season for both hubs and I so we get to be pretty crazy. Since last year was so hectic and exhausting (no more 12 hour work days, please), I've been attempting to gear up a little better with freezer meals being made, groceries stocked up, and not stressing out so much about the house getting a little messy. That one is a work in progress.
I sometimes get to sneak away for trail rides on ponies. It is such a great stress reliever and so much fun.
I heard of marinating a bunch of meat, cooking it up, and throwing it in the freezer. You can add it to just about any dish and save yourself a lot of time on those late nights. This keeps us from running out to buy unnecessary, overpriced, and unhealthy fast food. Its definitely one of those "Why didn't I think of that?" moments for me.

I had my first ever "oh-yum-this-is-actually-really-good" grain free pizza today. It sure doesn't get credit for looks but totally makes up for it in taste and ease! It was so quick and simple to whip up and actually satisfied my pizza cravings that come just about every day. Get the recipe here.
Hubs and I are both working on some health goals right now so this fits the bill for me.
And then there are these little gems that make those health goals fly right out the window. My sister and I had a caramel apple dipping party on Halloween. We were sick to our stomachs but it was so worth it! My favorite was the caramel, chocolate, pretzel dipped apple. The candy bar ones were fabulous too.

Hubs and I try to make room for each other even though our days get pretty crazy. We usually keep it pretty simple with lots of cuddling and movies in the evenings. The romance most always ends with me pushing and kicking hubs while he attempts to tickle my feet for "one minute" as he says. This morning while we were cuddling in bed Hubs asked me, "Will you put your arms in the air for one minute?" Um, NO!

I've also been playing with my new Silhouette Cameo while I can. We put our Christmas d├ęcor up the day after Thanksgiving so I gotta hustle and finish all of my projects!

 Jimmy's home teaching companion unexpectedly lost their four month old baby girl this week. We had the other kids over at our house for a bit so that realllly kept me busy. I don't know how you super moms do it. Her funeral was today and it was very sweet. She was such a happy little baby that will be missed but we know she was needed more on the other side. Baby A makes a perfect little angel.
Oh, and this place is amazing. I've made it a goal to go every week (this girl needs it) so if you ever need a temple buddy just let me know. :)

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  1. I need to cook up a bunch of chicken a freeze it. Do you just put it in bags or containers? I love the reindeer and Santa decor! How fun! When your house is all decorated, post pictures so I can see all the fun things you've been working on!
    I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your neighbor's baby. I couldn't even imagine losing a child. It would be heartbreaking. :( One of these days, when I'm not pregnant, I'll GLADLY go on pony rides with you! It's been three years since I last rode and I miss it like crazy!


Thank you for your kind words!