Monday, December 16, 2013

December Happenings

December has been so full of fun activities! I get to attend five different work parties, bake and receive yummy goodies, spend a little more time with Hubs than I'm used to, and enjoy lots of giant mugs full of fruity "teas" while cuddling with Jimmy in front of the T.V. We've probably seen Home Alone too many times. 

Speaking of movies, Jimmy took me to see Frozen the other week, I looooved it! Been listening to the soundtrack, especially this song by Demi Lovato all day today. 
We also saw the new Hobbit movie, whatever its called. Today marks Jimmy's third time seeing it. Three times in four days! Goodness. And to go along with the theme, my living room floor is covered in Lord of the Rings Legos. I'm practicing my patience. ;)

ugly sweater party for work with my sister and oldest brother

one of the boys in my primary brought me this little card and bag of chocolate the other day

and of course I had to do a little decorating the day after Thanksgiving! I actually had a TON of projects lined up but didn't have the time so I told myself to not stress over it and enjoy a little simplicity this year. I made the Santa sleigh garland with my Silhouette machine, it was super easy and quick!

I just had to take a few pictures of my parent's tree, I love it!

And of course my mom set our Thanksgiving table to be so pretty and I had to snap a few photos of that as well.

 This quote has been my favorite for the year, it has helped me so much. I designed this then my Silhouette drew it for me. I think I'm going to make a large one for my house!

Jimmy got us tickets to the "Music and the Spoken Word" this Sunday so we went to that in Salt Lake. The guests were Deborah Voigt (opera singer) and John Rys-Davis (Lord of the Rings actor- *insert Jimmy's excitement here*)  It was SO GOOD. Nothing like I expected. I didn't know they would have so much dancing and acting. The stage was set up to replicate Charles Dickens' town and they did a musical which was titled, "A Dickens Christmas." It was so cool. My favorite was all of the ballerinas and other dancers as well as tumblers doing all kinds of tumbling (back flips, ect.) on stage. It was so fun when Charles and The Ghost of Christmas Present (John Rys-Davis) flew over the town because they flew over the heads of the audience. John Rys-Davis also narrated the scriptures of Christ's birth and Debora Voigt put on a spectacular performance as well as the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Symphony. 

We then walked around Temple square for a bit and enjoyed the warm(er) weather before we headed back home for family pictures.

What a fun month it has been so far! I finally finished my Christmas shopping today, now I just need to get it all wrapped up and under the tree! 


  1. Busy month for you guys! I'm glad you've been able to hit some work parties and spend time with family this season. Family is the BEST! :) I can't wait to hang out with you guys on Christmas for a bit! I LOVE all the Silhouette projects too! How fun!

  2. so cute! i miss the holidays already!


Thank you for your kind words!