Friday, January 6, 2012

The Mysterious Lego Package

Yesterday while prepping dinner, a mysterious box was delivered to our home.
The label on the box was addressed to us, so I opened it up.
In it I found:

I was so confused looking at it, and even more confused when I saw the receipt in the box.
I was trying to figure out why in the hoo-ha would Jimmy spend over $300.00 on Legos in one day.

Now those of you who know Jimmy, you know that he is a Lego "fanatic."
Legos tucked everywhere. The other day I open a drawer in need of a pen, but instead I found a Lego army staring up at me from the drawer. 
Then I turn to the cabinet, still in need of a pen, and finding another Lego set in that cabinet as well.
Lego sets all over his side of the room, on his night stand, pirate ships on the desk. You name the place, the Legos will be there.

So it was no surprise that a Lego set would be on our front porch, but still, I couldn't believe that he would spend over $300.00!
If anybody in this marriage is bad with a budget, its ME!

He did order a smaller set with some Christmas money, but it was nowhere even near $300.00

Still confused as ever, I put the robot away in the corner of the living room, hoping he wont see it and be way too occupied for his poor wifey (yes I am that mean) for the evening. Sure enough when he got home, he asked if his Lego set that he purchased from Christmas has come, I told him to go look in the living room and all I can remember at this point, are words like,
"This must be a test!"
"Maybe I can just play with it for a little while and then return it saying they mailed this to the wrong person."

I walked over and took a closer look at the reciept, turns out, some poor kid in Washington is missing his Lego Robot.

Haha. Poor Jimmy. He held that robot for a little while, admiring all of the things it could do.

I just thought it was funny and a coincidence that a Lego set would land on our front porch!
It looks like a smart and fun robot that would keep Jimmy occupied for a lifetime, but luckily I married an honest man and even though its a bit tough, he's taking it back so little Ben can enjoy the robot he paid $300.00 for.

The End.

P.S. Jimmy did recieve his Lego set and really enjoyed putting it together

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  1. Cute story!! lol
    I think it is great that he loves that stuff...I know the next 15 years of my life (at least) will be spent surrounded by lego creations!
    It's great!


Thank you for your kind words!