Friday, March 16, 2012

Dear Blank...

Dear spring break, you need to last longer than a week. The hubs and I have been enjoying you too much!

Dear sunny and warm weather, thank you thank you thank you for visiting us  this week. Best March ever. We can't be outside long enough to soak up all of your rays.

Dear soon to be garden, we are working hard to get you in shape for summer. Thanks for bringing Mr. Hubs and I together all week, we sure do love hanging out with you.

Dear mop-like bead head, could you tame it down a bit? I look like a lion this morning, the hubs can't stop laughing and ruffling you up more for his viewing pleasure.

Dear spinach smoothies, you and I have been seeing each other everyday for a few weeks now. You are just so good to me. I need to rename you "energy boosting smoothie" or "feel on top of the world smoothie" or "refreshing smoothie." Heck I should just name you "miracle smoothie!"

Dear weekly power walks and jogs, thanks for getting me out a few times a week. I am enjoying the physical activity and have never stuck to a workout plan this well!

Dear flower beds, I don't know what to do with you. I spent 5 hours yesterday weeding the heck out of you with high hopes of prepping you for all of my flowers you'll be sporting this spring and summer, but it looks like you are filled with bulbs of some sort. Its really throwing me off. Toss the bulbs so I can plant my flowers? Or leave the bulbs and figure something else out?

Dear feet, you were crying so hard the other night after work. You need to not get used to those tennies because when you go to work and stand for 6 hours straight in flats, you come home crying. And then Mr. Hubs is oh so kind to massage you while we are laying in bed.

Dear Mr. Hubs, you are the sweetest. Period. Thank you for being so sensitive to my needs!

Whats keeping you guys busy this week?


  1. I'm loving the sunshine too and have been out to do yard work. Too bad I threw my back out yesterday. It'll be a day or two until I can do any more weeding or garden prepping. :(

    I would wait to see what the bulbs are and then plant around them.

  2. I love that you two garden! Hope your flowers bloom fabulously :)


Thank you for your kind words!