Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My Dream House

We all do it, plan out our dream house.
Some may dream of giant modern mansions with indoor gyms, pools, and theaters.
Others may dream of beach houses with to-die-for views.

My dream house consists of, well, a cottage.
With a wrap around porch and shutters.
A porch swing for watching the sun as it rises and sets.
On my own little piece of property.
Where goats and chickens are at our finger tips.
And our children will frolic in the garden wearing overalls when they aren't with the horses.
We will have an orchard full of fruit trees.
And you can bet the terms "farm house" and "shabby chic" are in there too.

*all photos via my Pinterest Love Nest Board*

Luckily Jimmy has the same dream house as I do, or else we'd have a problem.

You could say we were born in the wrong Era.
I blame that on the ranch I grew up on.

Whats your dream house???


  1. I definitely want a wrap around porch too! I love them!!

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  3. I agree with the porches and shutters part. I think houses with yellow, pale green, or deep blue and white trim look cute. I like open houses, with lots of sunlight and the lighter colored wood flooring. A porch swing would be cool. An open yard with one big tree and a tire swing hanging from it... Dreaming is fun. ;)

  4. Good choice on the dream house. I think I'll take some inspiration from it!


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  5. We think alike, dear. And yes, you are right. It is the way we both were raised.

  6. Kathryn: Wow! The more I get to know you, the more similarities I see keep popping up between our personalities. You could have copied that right out of my journal! :)

  7. We have the exact same taste in kitchens! Oh, and I LOVE that first yellow house! :)


  8. We definitely have much the same interests in houses and decor! Someday I want a barn with horses, chickens (though the ones we have now are awesome) and a cow or two. I love the wrap around porch (though, again, my porch does a great job since it's so big). Our yard will have a few acres with gardens, lots of rose bushes, stone pathways and fruit trees. The porch swing in a must!

  9. love this - we definitely have the same tastes in houses. and the yellow is wonderful

  10. The entry way on this house is beautiful! It makes me want to go sit on that porch on a hot summer day :)


Thank you for your kind words!