Sunday, May 6, 2012

Reaching that point

*Getting awkward glances from the guy at the store while I pick up some men's deodorant* 
 What? Jimmy will just be glad I'm not using his anymore!

Jimmy's been on this nick naming kick. Lately my names have been Young One, Little One, and Soul Sister.
Step aside ,Little One.
Come here ,Young One.
You got that right, Soul Sista!

*While laying in bed at 11:00 PM*
Me: Oh, I got invited to go to the Chris Young concert!
Jimmy: Who's that?
Me proudly singing: Tomorrow....I'm gonna leave here....I'm-
*Jimmy puts his hand over my mouth*: It's too late for your singing.

I am certain I can say that we've reached that point. The point in marriage where you no longer have a comfort zone. Where the other person has seen every single side of you. (At least all of the sides you have now!) Even after 6 years of knowing each other, I still laugh at all of the funny comments and Jimmy still teases me like no other!


  1. The teasing and nick-naming reminds me of my boyfriend. I think life would be boring any other way. :)

  2. You guys are so cute! I get called 'Little One' at RAD all the time from the police officers. It's kind of an endearing nick name. I like that Darryl has seen every side of me. :) That's when marriage goes from awesome to WAY awesome! ;)


Thank you for your kind words!