Monday, September 24, 2012

get in your car and just drive

Things I love about yesterday. Simple thrifted outfit. Temple dedication. Hubs quietly whispering, "Do you want to take a drive with me after?" Long drives to see the fall colors. Me talking the hub's ear off the first half, the running out of things to say the second half, so we both just soak in the peacefulness and fall-ness. Can't get a decent picture of the prettiest views. Vibrant yellow Aspens. So pretty! Go see them. Now. And while you are driving around. Convince Mr. Hubs to take a few photos of your cute new thrifted outfit. Then Mr. Hubs will laugh really hard while playing photographer and tell you you're not being "you" then the awkward photos come out. Darn it.
Family Sunday dinners. Gooey cinnamon roll cake. Find the recipe here. The cake was gone before I could even take a picture. Hearing my sister say, "Yummmm. Oh this is so good. This is even better than a cinnamon roll."
And of course I couldn't keep these gems outta the post. Classic photo outtakes. Sorry Hubs. I know you didn't want me taking your picture. At least that's your excuse.

I don't even have an excuse for my expression. How 'bout this will be my, "don't look at the  chocolate stains on my white shirts. Can't even keep them dang melted chocolate chips outta my clothes" look. I may or may not have had a very good clean eating week. 'Lil Piggy.

Happy Monday! I hope you all have a spledid week! Here's to more leaves changing, pulling out the fall wardrobe, heathier cooking, and a cleaner house week.


  1. Love this little blog of yours, it is too cute! And I'm so glad fall is finally here... the changing leaves just bring me so much comfort and peace!

  2. Love the thrifted outfit! I thought it was so cute and it is even better when it is cheap! :)

  3. I rather like your guys' expressions. They make me laugh. :) The colors sure are magnificent, aren't they? I am definitely loving them this year. They seem more vibrant than ever. Your cinnamon roll cake sounds divine!

  4. ha, love the outtakes. :) you two are adorable.

  5. I love that skirt! Super cute outfit!


Thank you for your kind words!