Wednesday, October 3, 2012

if you could get inside my head....

you would see that we've been very busy over here. Like the kind of busy where you have to communicate about who will feed the bun buns at what times. Jimmy is working more hours now (yay for promotions!) and I got a second part time job to make up for my current little 10 hour job. Mainly to give me something to do. Usually I wake up, get breakfast going, pack Jimmy's lunch, kiss him off, get ready for my first job, then head off to that. I later come home, clean the house, get dinner in the croc pot, THEN depending on which day of the week it is, I either head off to my other job or I go to equestrian vaulting.
I've also been busy working on primary stuff. I'm the 2nd counselor in our ward, that keeps me busy with little crafts and lessons, plus the program coming up. Somewhere in there Jimmy and I manage to spend some time together. Still not sure how. Oh, and did I mention we've started watching this in the evenings? Haha, so cheesy but oh so classic!
I've been learning a lot about this quote. Its always a challenge but I'm getting better about patience and that things happen how and when they are meant to. It probably helps that my mind is constantly busy. Whew!
My life right now. Except swap out one outfit for three outfit changes daily. First its business clothes, next its jeans and a tee, then its either workout clothes or an all black outfit. So particular ;)
So if you could get inside my head right now you would see that there is a lot of rambling going on...and that I'm quite the scatter brains.
Oh, you wanted to see some more pics of equestrian vaulting? Well lucky for you I was just going through some of my older photos. Sorry for all of the blur, do you know how hard it is to take pictures of a moving object?



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  1. Sheesh woman. I want to come see you practice! Seriously! When are you practicing next?


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