Friday, November 2, 2012

A new blog post, WHATTT???

I've been absent from the bloggy world for a few weeks now. Oops. Here's the sad truth: I was getting caught up in life. I feel like I shouldn't be busy...but then I find myself to be pretty busy. Minus today. Today I worked my morning job for oh, like a half hour. Then I strolled on home, where I made mental plans to deep clean my entire house. But, that hasn't happened yet. And in a couple of hours I will head off to my other job where I will give up my lovely weekend to seat people at their tables so they can eat some yummy food. Jimmy says, "I think I will go see a movie while you are working." I stomped my foot with my hands on my waist and said, "Not fair!" In which Mr. Hubs just laughs because apparently "that's cute."
Blogging has always been a favorite hobby of mine. Is it even a hobby? I don't know. But we'll say it is. Anywho, I've been a teensy bit stressed and caught up in the "business" side of blogging that I may have forgotten the whole reason I loved it in the first place. I haven't been posting stuff because I get too worried that people "won't like it" or that I'm not following the current trends or blah blah blah. SO...I confided in Mr. Hubs and told him how much I have loved blogging, but that I didn't feel right about it being more of a business for me right now. Who knows, I may feel differently later down the road. Knowing me, it probably will happen. Between these two reasons, I've decided to take down my sponsor positions and just focus on what I do best: where I ramble on and on with multiple grammar mistakes and show you awkward photos that shouldn't see the light of day.
See that photo up there? I got myself a new hair-doo. I've been whining to the hubs for like ever about how I needed a new cut, but that I was all of a sudden too scared of how it will turn out (Coming from a girl who would grow her hair out long then chop a whole 12 inches off every year), and that I knew the hubs didn't really care for the styles I wanted. He kept telling  me to just go get it cut and that he'd love anything I did. Well, that was like months ago. Then yesterday he said, "I'm getting a haircut, come with me, let's go." So on a whim, off I went! I was pretty irritated with 1 inch of a trim turned into 5 inches trimmed off. And then I kept feeling like I was a five year old all day. But oh well, it'll grow on me.


  1. Aw, your hair is so cute!! Welcome back :)

  2. Your hair is darling, sis! But then you'd be completely 100% stunning even if you were bald! Most of the rest of us (ME) can't ever get away with that. :P Glad you're back into the blogging world because I really look forward to reading more about your crazy life and seeing the pictures!

  3. Welcome back, I hope that taking your sponsors down relieves some of the pressure you felt about blogging and you start to get your love for it back. Your hair looks lovely.


Thank you for your kind words!