Friday, November 23, 2012

still feeling thankful

I'm sitting here in a Thanksgiving hangover. The hubs and I just ate leftover jello salad for breakfast. And on the agenda for this weekend is lots of cleaning, Christmas decorating, and watching that movie "Wreck it Ralph."

But I can't help but think about all of my blessings! Its been so good for Jimmy and I to talk about our many blessings lately. We really are so blessed! I could go on and on about all of the people I am grateful for and then tell you all about the many blessings I have, but that might be a long post. So, with a few experiences lately, I'll share with you what I'm feeling rather thankful for this Holiday season.

My dad. I have a pretty great dad. The other day, when we got hit with a nasty snow storm, I almost got in an accident because my truck was sliding all over the road, along with the other cars around me. I ended up just pulling off to the side and walking the rest of the way to my destination. But later I still had to go to work and I was too scared to drive myself. So I called my dad. (who was at work himself) Before I even said anything, he was worried and asked me if I was okay. I told him my situation and before I could ask him to take me to work, he said he would drive me! And what other dad takes his girls to all the Twilight and Justin Beiber Movies? He does so many other great things for me. I hope he can understand that I will always still be his little girl.

My momma. Funny how I get comments that my mom and I could be sisters. And not just because my momma has time on her side, but because of our relationship! I love going over to talk with her during the day. She is one of my closest friends who I share my most personal feelings with, and she has helped me out in so many ways. I can tell she really cares about me. She has been so great helping me deal with my health, more than the doctors have been able to. Its been so fun having a close relationship with my momma.

My sister. We've always been BFF's. It helps that we aren't much apart in age. We grew up sharing a room our whole lives, some of our best memories happened because of that! And even now that we are both away from home, and she is swamped kicking school's booty, we are still super close. Jo always encourages me and keeps my attitude in check. She is my vaulting buddy and knows what I'm thinking before it comes out of my mouth. I hope that we never move far apart because I can't go a few days without seeing her! Plus, she makes a great date. :)

And of course, Jimmy, aka Mr. Hubs. The past year and almost a half (what the heck? where has time gone???) has been such a fun ride with him. We have been through so many adventures together already. He has been there for me and is so supportive. From letting me talk his ears off (which happen a lot!) to holding me when I cry, to the late mornings in bed when  he won't let me out because he wants to cuddle. Jimmy doesn't let a day go by without some sort of laughter. No matter how much is on his plate and could be stressed, he chooses to not bring it home and does his best to make me happy. He lets me experiment making up dinner recipes, and has never said anything bad about the meals I make, even when I'm not satisfied. I love that he is so intelligent, I turn to him for all advice. Its so nice that he is such a hard worker and understands his role as the provider. I know our family is in good hands!

Of course, there are so many more people I want to write about. But there is no way I can get to everybody today! So there are always more posts to write :)

Hope everybody had a fabulous Thanksgiving! And Merry Christmas! ;)

P.S. I can't get to everybody personally, so I hope this will do for at least now...A special "THANK YOU" to every one of you for your kind words and enouragement on my previous post, it really means a lot to us! Just another one of our blessings to have amazing family and friends! So Thank you thank you thank you! Now go eat some more Thanksgiving leftovers, I know I am! :)


  1. Oh I love your photos!

  2. We are also super blessed because of the amazing people we have in our lives. It's hard to go through everyone individually but you and Jimmy are definitely on my list! Love you!

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    100th follower!

    ♥, Sarah
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