Thursday, February 28, 2013

Can't think of a witty title for this post

My inspirations to get some spring crafting started for my house. Isn't this picture gorgous! Photo credit here
- I've been pretend house hunting this week. We've still got to stay in this house until J is done with school. But I want a change. And to redecorate a house. But I like the decor in my house the way it is. Most of it. We could probably mix things up a bit. Hence the spring crafting. 
- Spring is in my bones. I was so happy waking up this morning when it was sunny at 7 am! And the little birdies are chirping on the other side of my glass door. Ahhhh, a change of seasons is a comin'.
- We (mostly Jimmy, but I did help!) started some of our seeds for FHE this Monday. They are already sprouting! Much better than last year! We are probably going to go overboard on the garden. I got a dehydrator for Christmas so I plan on dehydrating and canning everrrrything. Especially since I have cut so much out of my diet. Homemade tomato paste anyone? Yup, I really meant everything.
- I made my own tomato sauce this week. With a bag of fresh tomatoes. And some soft basil leaves. Plus garlic, onion, and some Italian seasonings. Soooo easy and so yummy. I have been eating big giant bowls of that stuff with my spaghetti squash "noodles." Guilt free and tummy approved spaghetti.
- I need to jump on the spring cleaning wagon. Its all I think about at work. And then I come home and always seem to get distracted. But don't worry, I make lists. And more lists. And someday all three bedrooms will get cleaned out, I'll actually have a functional sewing/crafting space, and instead of reorganizing my kitchen I pin a bunch of recipes to one day make in my organized kitchen. Sounds logical, right?

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