Tuesday, May 7, 2013

i learned my lesson the hard way. and we are reunited!

You know how I posted about all of our yummy food in my last post?
Well, shoot, did I ever learn my limits this weekend.
My body has been super sensitive to the food I have been eating. Especially the junk. And even though I didn't eat a ton of it, junk food was all I had over the weekend.
I guess my body can't handle it right now so Monday morning I woke up sick to my stomach. I chewed mint gum, drank lemon water, went outside for fresh air, lay down, too hot, too cold, couldn't stand, hated sitting. Nothing worked.
The nausea just got worse and before we knew it, I was laying on the bathroom floor crying, telling Jimmy how it hurt so bad and I've never felt so sick before.
Jimmy was the sweetest. Rubbing my back, cleaning the house before work, asking if there was anything he could get from the store. He even offered to look for the knock-me-out sleeping pills, just so I could sleep through it all since nothing else was working. Boy did those pills work. A four hour nap later and a lot of clinging to the porcelain, and I was on the road to recovery.
 Yuck. So for the past two days I've been eating nothing but veggies, some fruit, and some healthy light protein. (With a little treat tonight.)
 Moral of the story- Don't test your limits. Its gross. And painful. But you do get to be lazy and watch shows all day. And your hubby will be super sweet. So it wouldn't be a total loss.
On a much much happier and less gross picturing note, I saw my oldest and closest friends from high school! (And a little after high school too, until we all got busy with grown up stuff.) We met up to see our previous sewing teacher before she left teaching at our high school. Seeing as we spent hours and hours in that sewing room, we naturally became her annoying children. We fought a lot. But she loved us all those years. We ate some ridiculously good food tonight. And watched the fashion show. And laughed a lot. And took a lot of pictures. And was too hot in that room with all those people. And sat in the car to talk and laugh some more. And promised that we would have to get together again. I'm holding up my end of the promise, ladies!
Ummm, that peanut butter brownie in the back? Party in my mouth. Should have dumped the whole display table in my purse while I had the chance.

 How many takes do we need for just one crazy face picture? Apparently six.
The four crazy, sewing girlies. Minus one who's in Germany (we missed you J!) That photo we are holding is of us in high school that our teacher kept in her classroom. Who would have ever thought that we might have matured a bit after graduation? I know, I know.
Somehow our heads are all flattened out....but hey! That lady in the middle taught me everything I know about sewing and boys. The most important lifeskills. Such a peach. We'll miss you, H!

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  1. Sorry that you were sick! I hope you're fully recovered now. We missed you at the birthday party for Jacob last night!


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