Sunday, May 5, 2013

if you wanted to know a little, no, a lot about our weekend

Every week I write about how great the weekend was. So repetitive but so true! When Sunday comes to an end, Jimmy and I always mention how we wish the weekends lasted a little longer. Especially with this fabulous weather we've been having, the warm sun calls for adventure! And so for a little recapping for whoever even cares about what our weekend looked like...

Early morning rock climbing up the canyon. This is starting to become a tradition. We know when 8 AM rolls around on a Saturday morning, we are off to climb some rocks while the sun rises. I know, I know, none of you can get past the fact that we are up and running around so early on the weekend. But the truth is that we both are awake well before 8, no alarms needed. And we can't sleep in. And we go to bed early. Say it, we are old folks.
We attended a baptism right after our climb then headed off for a little burgers and shakes date. Ummm, the Malt Shop is so good. Hubs loved his apple cobbler shake and I downed my brownie goodness. Anyone know of any other killer thick making delicious shake stops around here? Doesn't help my healthy eating goals but hey, a girls gotta live a little before she goes crazy.
And of course seeing my lovely sissy. What you are looking at is currently the screen saver on my phone. I've got nothing on that girl. And heyyy, she's decided she's going to be a dentist. And she'll get there in no time. So awesome.
I got my crafting on this weekend. Out of nowhere I was pulling supplies from the garage and getting myself into a giant mess. My back kills as we speak from this gem. Its not as perfect as I wanted it to be. It turned out being harder than I thought. But I loooooove it. And hubs didn't even have to help me assemble the wood together. And I free handed the painting job. And I already have a million other ideas. And and and that's enough "ands."
I knew exactly where I wanted to put it. Sorry for the not-so-clear picture, I couldn't wait until the perfect light hit tomorrow to snap away. I already know what projects I'm going to tackle this week. Can't wait to show you guys all of my goodies I've been stashing in secret.
Our Sunday was fabulous as well. I was reminded of how wonderful of a man I married to. I'm so blessed to be able to keep him forever. Church was so uplifting and you might as well rename me "Mrs. Waterworks." We also enjoyed a baby blessing for some close friends of ours. Then took a long nap together. Yep, great weekend.
So there you have it, every little tiny detail about our weekend. Don't mean to bore you but I can't leave a single thing out, ever. ;)
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  1. We love Jcw's shakes! Oh and their cheese fries :) there is one over by shopko

  2. I love extreme sports like that. Because I want to challenge myself.

  3. I LOVE reading your posts, even if you think they're "boring" for us. ;) They're not. Your weekend sounds delicious!!!! Once our sod is in, we can start going hiking and camping but until then it's work, work, work.

  4. The sign turned out adorable! I made one this weekend too! Can't wait to see you in June!


Thank you for your kind words!