Friday, May 10, 2013

just because its FRIDAY

Week of randoms.
Love my man

A beautiful wedding for a coworker. 

Sitting on my couch looking out my glass door as the sun was setting.

This is how I feel about Hubby's half day on Thursdays.
Quick story- My mom used to breed dogs. And some being pugs. They are such good dogs. My mom let me keep one of the puppies years ago. We names her Emma. She was such a fun a loving dog. We gave her to a good home (family friend) a few years ago. My sister is visiting said friend and snapped these photos of Emma for me. 

HA! And fyi- I still want another pug.
I don't know why I get so excited for the weekend. I have to work every weekend night.
But maybe its the short Saturday days that I love. And those Sundays. Ahhhhh.
Anywho, I plan on getting my craftiness on this weekend, enjoy the outdoors, and some quality family time.
Oh, and Happy Mom's day to everyone! What would we do without you ladies?!

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  1. Kailie, you are so darling. I love your beautiful face, sis! I'm so lucky to have you as my sister-in-law! I couldn't ask for a better one!


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