Monday, May 13, 2013

woa. thats a lot of pictures.

I could have split this post up into a few different posts. But whatever. We're just going to go with the whole "go big or go home" thing.
What a weekend success! Between crafts, family gatherings, good BBQ, pretty scenery, yummy home grown honey, I could go on and was fabulous. But I'll just jump right into the pictures

Sunday walk. We are constantly stopping to observe plants. Hubs needs to find out exactly what it is and every little detail about the tiny plant, and I need to snap some pictures. Typical typical us.

Weekend sunset
We spent Sunday evening at my parents' for Mother's Day. My dad barbecued some tri tip and each of us kids provided some yummy sides.  It was such a delicious meal!  I brought homemade baguettes and the Oreo/pudding cake dessert thing. We'll just make that the professional recipe title.

Of course we then had to enjoy the beautiful weather and my parents' garden, animals, and even learned a little about my brother's new beekeeping hobby.

 Ruby loved to sit on my mom's plants. Niiice and cool. Until she got bored and started to dig them up.

We licked the honey right off of those things. So so so so so so good. And the nutritional benefits? Even better. Hubs wants bees to stare at them all day. I want bees to reap the sugar of their labors. So bees we just might get.

And to my Mom- Thanks for being such a great mother and friend! I'm glad I was placed in your family where you raised me.



  1. You have an awesome mom! She is so sweet and kind! I love all the pictures! You may just have to pass along the Oreo dessert thingy.

  2. I'm happy I found your cute blog! It's darling! You two are way too cute!


Thank you for your kind words!