Friday, May 31, 2013

Just shy of 10 things to tell you.

1- These pictures have nothing to do with this post.
2- Yes, that is a dog in a suitcase. I have no control over my cousins when I babysit. So I took a picture.
3- And yes, that is my husband and sister playing ping pong...their style.
4- I've got tonight off. I would say TGIF. But I don't even know what to do with a Friday night anymore. Hubs and I keep talking about it but we don't even know how to celebrate.
5- I'm kind of jealous of all of the kids who just started their summer break. They get to play all day long in the sun without a care in the world for a few months. I mean, where's our summer break from work?
6- Hubby and I attended two wedding receptions last night. Let the wedding season begin. Let my wallet empty on wedding gifts while my tummy fills up on little sandwiches and pastries. Its a fair trade off.
7- I should really clean my house today.
8- We ate the first strawberries of the season right from our little garden this week. MMMM.
9- Wifey confession time. Hubs was supposed to come home Monday from his backpacking trip. When his name popped up on my caller ID at 9 AM on Saturday morning, my first thought was that it would be the paramedics telling me he was dead. Instead it was, "Hey babe....I finished early.....I'm sitting in a feet hurt so bad....can you come pick me up?" Turns out 10 miles in he remembered he had a payment due for scout camp. He hiked 22 miles the next day so he could be responsible and make his payment. He walked like the oldest man I have ever seen for two days.

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  1. Love the pictures! You crack me up too, sis! We've eaten some fresh homegrown strawberries from our garden too! YUMMY!!!


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