Tuesday, May 21, 2013

random bits + you probably didn't know.

I thought I was being gentle. From the looks of how that kitten is holding on for dear life though....

Last week's FHE. Getting our flower beds all pretty. Mostly hubs did all the work. I weeded. And measured out the plants. But later found out that I let the bushes be planted crooked. Hubs could only laugh. I tried, ya know?

 And I clearly killed my flowers. Didn't even have them for a day. Luckily hubs rescued them.

More in the flower beds.

 Grilled pineapple, chicken, and sweet potatoes. I love that most of my weeknights are spent at home now.
 Current entertainment. This says a lot about us.
Just little tidbits from around the house.

- FYI I cannot prepare any meals with my hair down. I always have to pull it up if I'm dealing with food. Hair and food= gross.
- Hubs likes his milk warm. He leaves the gallon sitting out all day so it'll be nice and warm for dinner. Yuck. It took me a while to not put it in the fridge anytime I saw it sitting out. I don't drink it anyways so its all his. Warm yuckiness and all.
- Today was the first day in a little over a week that I've actually had energy and motivation to be productive. Modern food kills me, man. I'm trying to get it out of my body and I actually feel a lot better today. Still have a headache and tummy troubles but I've got energy to clean the house, work, grocery shop, etc. Feels great to not be a bum.
- My sister came home from Washington today. Yippeeee!
- I've got a whole lotta veggies to start making a whole lotta salsa. I'm going to be eating that goodness for weeks. So excited.
- That is all for my ramblings.


  1. Great post and great pictures! I'm glad you're feeling better. BTW, we have a pink water bottle over here that I believe belongs to you, sis. It's been here since Sydney's birthday I believe. I should probably take it over, huh? ;)

  2. Your house always looks so cute! I want to find out more about your diet. When we visit I would love to chat and get some recipes! Can you guys come do our yard now? ;)



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