Thursday, May 23, 2013

You could say this is a #TBT I guess. And more stuff.

I was flipping through old photos and found these gems.
Note: This is not an announcement :)
Yep, that is Baby Kailie on the left and Baby Jimmy on the right.
Tell me, something doesn't look right here. Aside from all of the hoots and hollers we give over this photo, I can't help but be slightly jealous of the hubs for having fantastic hair. Obviously I was bald. For far too long. So, what will the future Baby Breitlings look like? Hahahaha.
The hubs wrote and sang me a song this morning:
"Mooses have bruises and geeses have leases on their nieces!"
He sang it all. morning. long. Then texted me his lyrics at work. It was rather sweet and romantic.
I told him to be quiet.
As of now I am husbandless for a few days. He kissed me goodbye and headed off for a backpacking trip. I would have loved to go with him but my body just can't do that much right now. He says, "Maybe next time you can come!"
I am a little worried about him being out there. If he were any less skilled then I would be very on edge right now. Hubs told me he was more nervous about me than himself. Something about my overactive imagination. ;) Good thing I have plans to stay busy and hang with family! And making some frozen yogurt in the ice cream maker. MMM!
Anywho, you would be slightly worried too when
A) He preps you by saying, "If I'm not back by this time...then somethings wrong."
B) While making his meals, he expresses a little concern about the animals being able to smell his food and causing some trouble. He later adds, "If bears come and bother me, I'll just feed them these jalapeno pepper seeds."

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  1. Hahahaha! LOVE this post!!! I've been husbandless for four days this week already. One more to go!


Thank you for your kind words!